“Dynamic…foolhardy…a mediocre plumber but a very interesting trainer”

This and worse has been said of the cofounder of the innovative cultural center in Southern Italy, “La Luna nel Pozzo.” There with his beautiful wife he runs a summer festival, notorious in some circles, now in its 18th year.

He is also an actor and theatrical author: recent titles are “Superman & Me”, an autobiographical misdemeanor, “I Saw You,” a paranoicomical romp for actor and Revox, and “Pothìlato mon Amour”, a romance for humans and bicycles. He wrote the AudioTheater piece, “L’Ago nel Buio: Visions of Helen Keller.”

Robert is a valued clown and theater facilitator in some circles, including among Danish hospital clowns, European Waldorf educators, and German inclusive work communities.

He has planted 5000 trees on his land in Italy, which will make a lovely living bower for his tomb.




Pia was born in Zurich, but decided to live in Italy after visiting it on a bicycle with the man destined to become her husband.

After years of touring with the “Kismet” theatrical company, they settled down near Ostuni, founding “La Luna nel Pozzo.”
Her training as a school teacher came in handy as she lead countless theatrical workshops for children throughout Puglia. Together with her husband, she has directed many inclusive plays in Italy and Germany.

She stars in the popular children’s show “The Little Witch”, which showcases her special witching talents.



Alessandro Lucci (1976. Taurus, ascendent Sagittarius)
Hand working mountain artist in perennial migration

A long and tortured love between his being as an artist and theater has pushed him into the arms where he currently gleans techniques and secrets.

His current artistic form comes from a decade-long voyage throughout Europe with “Zerotheater”, from a base in Sarajevo, where he created and directed the Bosna – Prv Maj CinemaTheater, which hosted the most experimental and transgressive events in Bosnia, and still does so.

In Italy he worked for the security sectors of Ferrara, Bologna, Lodi and Genoa with “territorial theater projects”, using theatrical and “invisible theatrical” instruments for strengthening the community in moments of social tension.

For his woman of a woman he lives in Puglia, and for his love of theater he collaborates with La Luna nel Pozzo, where he practices the art of the place, as well as his own… serving also as assistant plumber.



Seeder of flowers and poems, takes care of plants like they were people, people like they were plants.

Moulding, she mounds herself. Since she was very young, she taught theater, in schools, in cultural spcenters, giving and receiving, through theatrical pedagogy, her own knowledge.

Today she works at la Luna nel Pozzo: actor, theatrical trainer, proponent of poetry, she practices “caregiving” as a way of life. She attends to the guests, to the resident plants, to the accommodations, the natural and artistic spaces here.

Her research and experiments focus on sensorial theater, a potent means to enter, naturally, a language of intimacy, of poetry


Bruno Soriato received his bachelor’s degree in Physics at the University of Trento. Since 1999 he has trained as actor with “Uqbarteatro” of Verona, also studying with many international experts and coaches.

In 2008 he transferred to Puglia where he works as actor and scene designer with many companies, including Teatro Kismet, LaLuna nel Letto, OrecchiAbili, Bottega degli Apocrifi, Senza Piume, Teatri di Bari.

He conducts many workshops for theater and scene design in collaboration with many institutes and schools throughout Italy.
For three years he has guided children’s workshops at La Luna nel Pozzo, by preference in the trees.


With a degree in literature, he has worked for many years as actor and theater teacher.

In 2012 one of the founders of “Comunity/Action”, where he studied techniques of group facilitation, bringing to that work his experience of relationship work, group dynamics, and communication skills.

He specializes in team and community building, using play, creativity, music, clown work and systemic techniques.



Chieti, Italy 30/10/1980
Scene and light design, photographer. After studying scene design and photography in Acquila, Italy and Piccardie, France.

She works with many Italian theatrical companies. She has served as technical director, scene and light designer, stage manager, illustrator and production photographer for La Luna nel Letto, Teatro Patalò, la Luna nel Pozzo, Senza Piume , Kuziba, Charlie Calamaro Avant Project, and Nuovi Scalzi, among others.
Since 2017 she has been technical director, scene and light designer for all of the inclusive coproductions of Eins und Alles (Germany) and La Luna nel Pozzo.





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