25 july, sat  
Kuziba Teatro

26 july, sun
CHILDERN’S FEST: RiGeneration”
“MANOVIVA” e “ANTIPODI” con Teatri Mobili

28 july, tue
AUDIOTEATRO: Needle in the Dark: Visions of Helen Keller
La Luna nel Pozzo 

29 july,wed
…Otherwise the Bogyman Will Come!!!
Compagnia Burambò

27 – 31 july, workshop

with Ensemble Song of the Earth

25 jul


saturday, 9:00 pm


Family theatre

55 minuts long

Recommended age:
from 7 years old

full price € 10
discount € 6

Italian helpful but not essential


Kuziba Theatre

 But you too are afraid when you are in the dark
and you feel lonely and don’t know where to go?”

G., 9 y.o.

In Bluebeard’s Castle is an adventure into that which we don’t know about ourselves and the world around us, a voyage into curiosity which challenges our fear and shows us that sometimes we grow through disobeying.

Through dreamlike images of theater and cartoon, together with brilliant acting, Kuziba Theater brings us a seductive nightmare, bringing us to an incredibly satisfying happy end.

A great adventure for children, also grown-up children.

with Livio Berardi, Rossana Farinati, Annabella Tedone
video animations Beatrice Mazzone
light design Tea Primiterra
scenography Bruno Soriato
direction and dramaturgy Raffaella Giancipoli

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26 jul


sunday, from 5.30 pm
performance 9.00 pm


FESTA, Teatro per famiglie

Tout public

Box office opening: from 5.30 pm

full price € 10
discount € 6

Italian not required

 CHILDERN’S FEST: RiGeneration

This yeare we’re ReGenerating our traditional KIDSFEST! Our friends from Teatri Mobili will bring two magnificent puppet shows for old and young: “Manoviva” and “Antipodi”. But that’s not all! When you’re not watching their shows, you can visit the SENSORIAL WOOD, the GIANT MEMORYBOARD GAME, build your own KITE, the STORY CORNER, the MYSTERY OF THE LABYRINTH, STREET GAMES, PICNIC MEADOW, and don’t forget the grilled sausages! The doors open at 5.30 pm, so you’ll have time to fit in all that fun!

28 jul

Needle in the Dark: Visions of Helen Keller

tuesday, 9.00 pm


for humans from 14 years old

one price € 10

We offer theater-sitting: an alternative program for children from three years old

Seatings n.30
Reservation obligatory

Italian comprehension essential


Needle in the Dark: Visions of Helen Keller

AudioTheater from la Luna nel Pozzo


text and direction Robert McNeer
audio idea and design Gianluigi Strafella
voices Natascia Fogu and others
songs Elaisa Sardella and Nico Tedesco

“Search out thy blindness.
 It holdeth Riches past computing.”

Helen Keller: a complex genius, among the most loved and controversial women of the XXth century.

Deaf and blind from infancy, she wrote in limpid prose of her way of perceiving the world. Capable of amazing empathy, she gave her voice to the voiceless.

In telling her story, the silence of these times has helped us to invent a new language, “AudioTheater.”

Close your eyes and travel with us, accompanying a blind seer, a wise woman whom you will never forget..

29 Jul

…Otherwise the Bogyman Will Come!!

wednesday, 9.00 pm


Family theater

For children and adults of all ages


full price € 10
discount € 6

Limited seating

Reservation obligatory

Italian comprehension not essential


…Otherwise the Bogyman Will Come!!!

Compagnia Burambò

By and with Daria Paoletta and Raffaele Scarimboli

Meet Bill, a lively and imaginative child, who gets up to much mischief in his room, until his exasperated mother says “One day the bogyman will take you away!” Imagine Bill, more curious than scared, asking himself, “Who knows what this Bogyman’s like?” Then one fine day- knock, knock- someone’s knocking at the door…. Through that door all kinds of characters come: Catherine the horrible friend, Midget Mouse, the Taste-test Raccoon, the Supersonic Spaceship, the Hairy Spider Jack, all ready to amuse young and old. Music and puppetry create a world of dream and fantasy.

Contrada Foragno S.N.
72017 Ostuni (BR) Italy

Tel: (+39) 0831 33 03 53
(+39) 331 588 17 90


Con il finanziamento della Regione Puglia nell'ambito del "Programma Straordinario 2020 in Materia di Cultura e Spettacolo - Rifinanziamento Attività 2021”,pari a 17.193,76
With funding from Regione Puglia under the "2020 Extraordinary Programme for Culture and Performing Arts - Refinancing of Activities 2021", amounting to 17,193.76