Full moon
one giant leap!

15 August, thur
Giullari del Diavolo, Nocturne Trio, Pachamama Bandarisció, Jules Ferrè, Tongo Returns, Mirko Lodedo and much more..

This year we close with a BANG!

A whole night dedicated to the full moon: our annual FULLMOON FEST! Music, clowns, theater food and dancing til dawn! Not to forget Pia’s famous Zopf…

15 august

thursday, from 7:30 pm



Tout public

Durata: till dawn

full price 18€
discount 14€ (from 16 to 24 years old and from 65…)
discount 10€ (from 4 to 15 years old)
family discount
(see “info&prices” page)

Not always italian required


This is THE summer appointment: I GIULLARI DEL DIAVOLO will amaze and astound you, BANDARISCIÓ serenade you, the clowns are here with TONGO RETURNS!

Grilled sausage, ice cream and country dancing with Jules Ferré, swing with the NOCTURNE TRIO. Monologues, music jams, surprises and Mirko Lodedo (with coffee) at dawn!

Contrada Foragno S.N.
72017 Ostuni (BR) Italy

Tel: (+39) 0831 33 03 53
(+39) 331 588 17 90


Con il finanziamento della Regione Puglia nell'ambito del "Programma Straordinario 2020 in Materia di Cultura e Spettacolo - Rifinanziamento Attività 2021”,pari a 17.193,76
With funding from Regione Puglia under the "2020 Extraordinary Programme for Culture and Performing Arts - Refinancing of Activities 2021", amounting to 17,193.76