Timeless: trascendent moon

NEW!!! ORTHIA the Biodiverse Universe

Orthia is a garden which includes vegetables, bushes and trees, but also donkeys, goats, children and their grandparents, differently abled gardeners, painters and land artists. Orthia is our newest project to share the secret of nature with you (that the more diversity we cultivate, the stronger our garden becomes). Ask us about our plans.


A special installation for our CELEBRATION edition, here you can enjoy photos, art and memories from our 20 years of activity here at la Luna.


Here’s the place to lose yourself, in order to better find yourself. You can enter with a specific question, or just in a listening state. Walking the labyrinth is extraordinary in the light of the moon, but also at dawn. If you walk in company, try walking in silence, which will deepen your friendship.

When you come out at the end, you will have walked almost a kilometer.


One of the higher points at “la Luna,” and the breeziest (which helped in the threshing process), the threshing floor is a wonderful place to enjoy the sunset. Try turning around as slowly as you can, with an open gaze for the length of the sunset. You’ll have made a biological panoramic picture.


Resembling the “Kiwa,” where the Hopi people ritually enacted the various scourges of humanity, when the just went underground to live with the ant people, to be reborn stronger than ever. A wonderful place to be with yourself, in the womb of the earth, with a unique view of the sky.


A theater unto itself, in which visitors can bathe in their senses, make a giant marionette dance, play memory games among the trees, sit at the Out Window looking Out, or listen to the poetry of Things in a Room made of Trees. New this year is the Bim Bum Bam hill with black tunnel.

has reverted to becoming a normal workplace, since master Paolo left us so triumphantly last year. But at la Luna, a
giant agave has sent up glorious once-in-a-lifetime blooms, in honor of the departed master.


“Nature sings her most exquisite songs for those who love her.”

This is the quote which inspired us to name our little botanic garden after her. In this corner of “la Luna,” you can travel the world, contemplating this magical circle of herbs and flowers.


In a secluded spot, protected by drystone walls, under the shadow of the great cypresses, you might meet a theatrical monologue. If not, there’s always your interior monologue…

- Robert McNeer

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