Summer Festival 2022 “CELEBRATION! Let your Heartstrings Sing…” Four special events this summer: KIDSFEST NIGHT OF THE NEW MOON NIGHT OF THE RED MOON FULLMOONFEST Plus: 8 guest performances... 3 artistic residencies... This year we open with a new formula, a...

TAKING CARE, Summer Festival 2021

The last lockdown time has matured our imagination: deprived of many pleasures—but free of many distractions—our mind has been free to imagine a new kind of festival.This summer we intend to explore a playful, sensorial field where music, word and nature meet, beneath...

Summer Festival 2021!

The chicks hatched yesterday, and the century plant sent up its 4-meter stem, ready to bloom for the first and only time in its life. It’s time for our SUMMER FESTIVAL 2021 AT LA LUNA NEL POZZO "TAKING CARE" 24.07 - 14.08 We start with the FOOLMOONFEST24 July This...

Appeal to volunteers

Ostuni, March 2021 Here at La Luna nel Pozzo, we have arrived at a critical moment in our yearly calendar.When the days get longer and the frogs add their song to that of the birds, it’s time to announce our intentions for the summer festival. On YouTube you will find...

Program 2021 – draft

SUMMER FESTIVAL 2021 AT LA LUNA NEL POZZO “TAKING CARE” 19 - 23 july:Orientation and Preparation This week we prepare for the opening under the general direction of the perennial Luna staff (Pia Wachter, Natascia Fogu, Robert McNeer and Alessandro Lucci). This...

Images from the conclusion: Black moon phase 2020

The Rigeneration festival has ended with a night of singing, tales and mistery under the light of the stars. Here are some photos of that night.

25 – 29 July

1 August

4 – 12 August

15  August



Now that we have emerged, blinking, into the light, we can see the world as if for the first time.


Hamlet teaches us the the purpose of theater is “to hold, as’twere, the mirror up to nature — to show… the very age and body of the time his form and pressure.”

The body of our time — between fear and post-lockdown elation— is a new body. Whatever your your generation, your moment is now.


Here at “la Luna” we cultivate different cultures, by definition: Puglian by adoption, we host artists, children both young and ancient… we are all of us differently-abled, thank goodness!

But big or little as we may be, and irregardless of our origins, we are each of us witness to and instrument of a unique and vital process.


You are invited, now more than ever, to explore the body of this time, in nature’s mirror. And not just on the stage!


In a privileged place in our hearts, children need now more than ever a natural landscape in which to express themselves. Apart from the traditional KIDSFEST (26 July) — which offers a place in which to blow off steam, a place to meet wonder and enchantment — we offer also a children’s workshop: RAMPANT VILLAGES (6-13 August), where the children can create their own utopia: an anti-gravity community!


This year we offer a rich choice of shows for young and old, varying from those which speak to the very young — with puppets and fuzzy lambs, to proposals for bigger kids —exploring competition and ambition in soccer, the passing on of grandparents, the fears and enthusiasms of adolescence, but touching too on timeless traditions — Commedia dell’Arte, surreal puppet shows for all ages, circus acts and orchestras. Last but not least, “AudioTheater,” invented here at  la Luna, which takes one sense away, to let the others vibrate more…


Now more than ever we offer a refuge where you can immerse yourself in nature’s embrace, subject to no “social distancing.”

Take part in the singing workshop of Nico and Elaisa (27-31 July), which explores the transmission of ethnic songs through physical empathy. That way you can express your gratitude for nature’s embrace!


There’s no “Festival” without “Fest,” and again this year there are three big ones: the KIDSFEST (26 July), with innovative puppet theater for young and old, as well as natural guided tours into the world of play; the FULLMOONFEST (1 August), for theater, circus, music, food, narration and song until dawn; the BLACKMOONFEST (15 August), which will close the season entre nous, with storytelling, song and rituals dedicated to the black moon.


Here at “la Luna,” you don’t come just to consume a show and get out, but to pass a time  which transcends time, to absorb a natural environment that was here all along, waiting for you…

Come early, stay on after the show, to play, laugh, take part in a quiz beneath the wild cherry tree.

Our SENSORY GROVE continues to grow — with sculptures, games and sensory experiences, as well as the mysterious new Room of the Poetic Trees — in the little wood which we planted a dozen years ago. The HELEN KELLER GARDEN has been born in this silent time, offering a place of peaceful contemplation.

Visit the LABYRINTH, where you can lose yourself, to better find yourself. Enjoy the tranquility of the STONE THRESHING FLOOR, discover the secret of the ANCIENT TRULLO. If you’re lucky, you might find in these places a performance, a mood, a song that’s not on any calendar, not in any program….

MASTER PAOLO’S WORKSHOP will be open to the public this year, for who wishes to leave a handicraft sign, or perhaps create a sculpture to take home, born here at “la Luna.”


We’re more convinced than ever, that the way to encounter a good future, is to live the present fully, and we invite you to live it with us, now.


Now, more than ever.

- Robert McNeer

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