Let your Heartstrings Sing…

In our last 2 summer festivals, struggling through various levels of lockdown, we’ve felt in our audience the great need to be present, to see and be seen. So this year,  “CELEBRATION”, to remember how to celebrate together, not just in the community, but for the community. 

We’re preparing for a wonderful celebration, with you.

Subtitled “HeartStrings Sing….”, because after 20 years of festivals, our heart is full of memories. We take strength from our past, to sing our future, learning the world by heart.

We follow the phases of the moon with four special events: the KIDSFEST, la BLACKMOON NIGHT, la  REDMOON NIGHT, e naturally the FULLMOONFEST, with lots of innovative family shows in between.

A widespread net of events to offer something for everyone, from those who want to taste the ancient brew of poetry, stone and stars, children who want to build a wild, rampant theater in the trees, for who is ready to lose themself in the labyrinth, or just to lose track of time: wine and conversation in the summer night, immersed in a multicultural artistic community.

Curious, no? Come…

- Robert McNeer

Summer Festival 2022 “CELEBRATION! Let your Heartstrings Sing…” Four special events this summer: KIDSFEST NIGHT OF THE NEW MOON NIGHT OF THE RED MOON FULLMOONFEST Plus: 8 guest performances... 3 artistic residencies... This...

23 – 28  july  2022

30 july 2022

2 – 10 August 2022

13 August 2022

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Con il finanziamento della Regione Puglia nell’ambito del “Programma Straordinario 2020 in Materia di Cultura e Spettacolo – Rifinanziamento Attività 2021”,pari a 17.193,76
With funding from Regione Puglia under the “2020 Extraordinary Programme for Culture and Performing Arts – Refinancing of Activities 2021”, amounting to 17,193.76