27 – 31 July

1 – 7 August

9 – 12 August

15  August

17th edition. Year zero.

Many traditions measure growth in seven year cycles. Here at la Luna, we are more expansive. Our cycles last SEVENTEEN years!

Now in its 17th year, the SUMMER FESTIVAL at LA LUNA NEL POZZO is spreading its wings and taking off. Never shy in exploring new territory, the anniversary of the moon landing has inspired us to touch down on a new landscape.

“EVENTS-THEATER-NATURE” is our promise this summer, and we intend to deliver to our audience some unforgettable experiences: nearly 30 events in less than 3 weeks!

We are expanding on all fronts, in four lunar phases: waning — Little Big Moon; black — the Dark Side of the Moon; waxing — We have a Problem Houston…;  and full — One Giant leap!

- Robert McNeer

Contrada Foragno S.N.
72017 Ostuni (BR) Italy

Tel: (+39) 0831 33 03 53
(+39) 331 588 17 90


Con il finanziamento della Regione Puglia nell'ambito del "Programma Straordinario 2020 in Materia di Cultura e Spettacolo - Rifinanziamento Attività 2021”,pari a 17.193,76
With funding from Regione Puglia under the "2020 Extraordinary Programme for Culture and Performing Arts - Refinancing of Activities 2021", amounting to 17,193.76