The chicks hatched yesterday, and the century plant sent up its 4-meter stem, ready to bloom for the first and only time in its life. It’s time for our



24.07 – 14.08

We start with the

24 July

This year we open with our famous all-nighter, a tour de force of theater, music, dance and more, together with CIRCO EL GRITO, MERIDIANI PERDUTI, and many more guests… afterwards, we will follow the waning moon with

  • Two shows from Compagnia Factory: HUBU RE, a delirious inclusive extravaganza including actors from Italy and Greece, and CORRI, DAFNE a musical narration telling the famous story of Daphne, beloved of the god Apollo. Then
  • CELESTINA E LA LUNA, from Teatro Crest, in which we follow the adventures of a plucky girl determined to reach the moon. Then
  • the opening of the workshop for children, this year invited to build their nests in the trees, under the guidance of the Kuziba company, also a
  • Singing workshop for adults, led by Nico and Elaisa of the Cantodellaterra Ensemble.

1 August

under the guidance of Pia Wachter, this Fest playfully celebrates our special relationship with children, with various mini workshops proposed by the festival team. In this we will have the support of various residential artists, among others Anna Pinto, who will enchant us with her aerial show, NINA! In the following week we will enjoy two shows,

  • POTHÌLATO MON AMOUR, banquet-storytelling in which Pia and Robert recount their passion for bicycles, for the Mediterranean experience, and more… Followed by
  • JACK AND THE BEANSTALK, a magical Italian reprise of the classical fairytale. Next,

7 August

This year the BLACKMOONFEST will have a powerful female presence, from an idea of Natascia Fogu, executed by a team of women to create an unforgettable night of oracular theater, of music, storytelling, poetry and food under the stars in honor of this moon cusp. In the waxing moon phase we present

  • L’AGO NEL BUIO (Luna nel Pozzo production), which tells the story of Helen Keller in an original, sensory and almost extra-sensory manner, then
  • L’ISOLA (THE ISLAND), Luna nel Pozzo in collaboration with Burambò and Casarmonica, which shows and tells the mysterious and unsettling floating island of plastic in the Pacific Ocean. Then we come to the

14 August

the big final THANKYOUFEST is a must, and this year it’s called the “Red Moon”, as it will be under the sign of the clown. Together with Rodrigo Morganti, with dance, theater and laughter we will celebrate our present and face our future!