19 – 23 july:
Orientation and Preparation

  • This week we prepare for the opening under the general direction of the perennial Luna staff (Pia Wachter, Natascia Fogu, Robert McNeer and Alessandro Lucci). This includes
  • a practical work in group communication, led by Giulio Ferretto
  • Preparation and realization of theatrical/promotional outings to nearby towns, perhaps in the form of parades, under the guidance of Alessandro Lucci
  • Preparation of the scenic/illuminary space, under the guide of Tea Primiterra
  • Logistical, material and poetic preparation for the first event:

24 july:

this event, opening the festival, will involve the total energies of the entire group, tout court. Following this

  • some guest shows in the waning moon phase, and
  • the opening of the workshop for children, guided by Bruno Soriato of the “Kuziba” company

1 August:

Under the guidance of Pia Wachter, this FEST playfully celebrates our special relationship with children, with various mini workshops proposed by the festival team. In this we will have the support of various residential artists, Edrine Matovu (dancer/choreographer from Uganda) as well as Israa Hegab, Egyptian artist.
Followed by sensorial shows, visiting and resident, to prepare the listening space for

7 August:

This year the BLACKMOONFEST will have a powerful female presence, from an idea of Natascia Fogu, executed by a team of women including Rossana Farinati, artist and actor from Belluno, as well as Elaisa Sardella of the “Cantodellaterra” company. A night of music and storytelling, of oracular poetry and ritual, in honor of this moon cusp.
– Followed by the Children’s Night. (8 August). After having presented the result of their 10-day workshop, we invite the children to spend the whole night with us here at la Luna: a night of enchantment, of stories and who knows, maybe some hours of sleep…
– The week of the waxing moon will offer some visiting shows, as well as preparation for

14 August:

The big final THANKYOUFEST is a must, and this year it’s called the “Red Moon”, as it will be under the sign of the clown. We won’t all become clowns, but we will all be improvising this joyous party. The grand clown and trainer Rodrigo Morganti  will be resident the month of August, helping us to prepare for our closing party, with dance, theater and laughter, ready to confront our future!