Ostuni, March 2021

Here at La Luna nel Pozzo, we have arrived at a critical moment in our yearly calendar.
When the days get longer and the frogs add their song to that of the birds, it’s time to announce our intentions for the summer festival.

On YouTube you will find our last Audiovideo diary, in which we reflect on the soul of this years festival. Which we’re calling


Now it’s time to give a clearer idea to you, potential collaborators, so you can decide whether to join us this summer


First of all, we’re talking about the period from 19 July to 14 August. In this month’s time, there will be a series of processes and events. Please read a first draft of the festival calendar.

We hope this timeline can give you some idea of the chronology of the festival. Who
decides to participate will have occasion to practice performance art— if so inclined— but
also as pedagogue for children, as waiting personal, bartender, grip, gardener, public relations, groundskeeper and much more. But beyond the specific tasks, we are interested in the the manner in which we practice…

The festival is called “Taking Care” because we want to take care, not only of our guests (artists and audience), but also of ourselves. Three of our teachers this year— Robert, Giulio and Rodrigo— are profoundly steeped in clown philosophy, here expressed in the words of humanist psychologist Carl Rogers:

People are just as wonderful as sunsets if I let them be. When I look at a sunset, I don’t find myself saying, “Soften the orange a bit on the right hand corner.” I don’t try to control a sunset. I watch with awe as it unfolds.

As always, we perform a delicate summer balancing act. For me this means that besides asking our collaborators to summon a lot of will, a lot of effort and sacrifice in the creation of our festival, we also take the occasion to find a lot of joy, surprise, and confirmation of our fundamental shared humanity.

We all come out of a difficult year, and we are convinced that it is through this action— dedicating ourselves to a seemingly non-essential activity, such as a theater festival—that we can find a road to health for all, our guests as well as ourselves.

We no longer speak of “volunteers”, but of “citizens” of the festival. It takes practice, to be a good citizen, it’s not to be taken for granted. But I believe that practicing citizenship here at la Luna makes us more agile citizens of the world: In the end, ours is an action which supports world peace, and not just for humanity.

That’s why in the Audiovideo you see a tree as protagonist,

Naturally our inclusion project remains close to our heart. At the moment we are reaching out to other such realities in Puglia and beyond, and we hope to have news on that front this summer, in the meantime we are taking care of our friends with disabilities, while sensing how they take care of us on another level.

Besides the four FESTS and the events described in the enclosed calendar, there will be other “rhythmical” questions, that is reiterated appointments in the month we will spend together:

  • Open-air Symposia, in which we take the opportunity to dialogue with resident and itinerant artists
  • Eligibility to participate in various WORKSHOPS: dance, singing, percussion, painting…
  • Possibility to experience a multicultural artistic community

So that is the current state of affairs. We hope this description can give a clear enough idea— even to those who’ve never participated— to arrive at a decision. If you are over 16 years old, would you like to dedicate yourself to this adventure?

Your participation— besides a small sum to cover insurance— is free, and yet very costly, for both parties:

  • We offer room and board (camping), as well as the opportunity to practice another way of being together;
  • You offer your dedication, your energy, and your good will for one month of very special work here at la Luna.

Today we open registration.
Now it’s your turn. Would you like citizenship in this summers festival?

If so, send us a motivational letter ( teatrolalunanelpozzo@gmail.com), in which you describe yourself (adding a CV, if you have one), and your specific interest in participating, answering two fundamental questions:

1 what do I have to offer in this month?
2 what would I like to achieve?

If you’re ready to jump, here we are ready to catch you…

For ‘La Luna nel Pozzo’
Robert McNeer