TAKING CARE, Summer Festival 2021

The last lockdown time has matured our imagination: deprived of many pleasures—but free of many distractions—our mind has been free to imagine a new kind of festival.This summer we intend to explore a playful, sensorial field where music, word and nature meet, beneath...

Summer Festival 2021!

The chicks hatched yesterday, and the century plant sent up its 4-meter stem, ready to bloom for the first and only time in its life. It’s time for our SUMMER FESTIVAL 2021 AT LA LUNA NEL POZZO "TAKING CARE" 24.07 - 14.08 We start with the FOOLMOONFEST24 July This...

Appeal to volunteers

Ostuni, March 2021 Here at La Luna nel Pozzo, we have arrived at a critical moment in our yearly calendar.When the days get longer and the frogs add their song to that of the birds, it’s time to announce our intentions for the summer festival. On YouTube you will find...

Program 2021 – draft

SUMMER FESTIVAL 2021 AT LA LUNA NEL POZZO “TAKING CARE” 19 - 23 july:Orientation and Preparation This week we prepare for the opening under the general direction of the perennial Luna staff (Pia Wachter, Natascia Fogu, Robert McNeer and Alessandro Lucci). This...

Images from the conclusion: Black moon phase 2020

The Rigeneration festival has ended with a night of singing, tales and mistery under the light of the stars. Here are some photos of that night.

Photos from the waning phase 2020

Here you can find some photos by Alberto Catera of three shows taken place during the waning phase 2020: Needle in the dark, Mattia and his grandfather and Rematch.

24 July

27 july  – 5 August

7  August

10 – 14 August

Taking Care

Today we adults take care of our children, in the hopes they will return the favor, tomorrow. We are all of us, today and tomorrow, caretakers of the earth. 

But today we’re in crisis: economic crisis, naturally, and also a health crisis. To recover, we need to take care.

And it’s the economists and the virologists who tell us how to behave: take distance, no hugging…

But these prescriptions, these mandates, what are they offering the young? Fear and uncertainty.

Who’s listening to our children’s voices, today? Who’s inviting them to sleep under the stars, tonight? Or will they just have the light of a cell phone, in the dark? 

Will they hear the frogs singing at midnight?

What dreams will they have to recount, tomorrow?

These are questions we take very seriously here at la Luna nel Pozzo. Guiding questions for our ‘21 summer festival, “Taking Care”. If we don’t take care of our children, our earth today, what will be of tomorrow? 


“Caring” implies “curiosity”. It all starts with the act of opening to the other. “The Other” could be the other sex, the other culture, the other age, religion, condition. First you have to listen to the wind in the trees, go to nature’s school. “Be a tree” 

A dozen years ago, we planted 5000 trees here. That’s how we started our schooling, taking care of those tiny plants, watering them every night for 4 years running.

Today those plants are our “sensory grove”, where you can find yourself: a place that today gives shadow to the children’s play, where they make their nests, to sway in the breeze, where they sing and howl like wolves, tell their dreams and their fears.

This year, we offer a space where everyone— big, little, round, flat or curious as they may be, can discover the joy of taking care: care of the others, care of themselves. Together.

- Robert McNeer

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